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4 years ago

I want to start talking about moisturizers now! Before I do though, I want to say that I understand I talk about the clinique 3 step skin care sytem A LOT (like in ever post...) but please understand that you can not acheive and maintain healthy looking skin with just a really nice face cream. It is a process that requires different steps (wash, exfoliate, moisturize). Now I`m not saying that a good face cream wont help... with something... but it is not all it takes to keep healthy skin. You can buy the most expensive face cream on the market, but if you are not properly washing and exfoliating the skin, that face cream wont do its job! When you go to a makeup counter and it just seems like the consultants are just trying to sell you a lot of products, its because it does take several products to get the look that you see on posters and in commercials. If you have several different skin concerns (lets say acne, redness, oily skin, and dullness) it will take several different products to help. There is not a cure all product that fixes everything. THAT being said... cosmetic products are not "cures" for skin problems. If the product is not prescribed to you by your dermatologist, it will ONLY WORK ON THE TOP LAYER OF THE SKIN. Therefore if you have a severe issue with your skin, cosmetic products may help, but they will not fix the problem.

I dont mean for that to sound harsh, but one thing I have learned is that if you purchase a product from a department store and expect it to cure every skin problem you have, you will be disapointed. Whereas if you purchase something with realistic expectations you will be more satisfied! If the problem is bad enough, see a dermatologist before you try a cosmetic problem. Clinique is wonderful because they are developed by dermatologists. Just dont let it take the place of a dermatologist. Clinique consultants are not doctors. In my next few posts I want to talk about the importance of a good moisturizer and the different ones that are out there!

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