Clinique: Acne Solutions Clear Skin System

I started using this regimen because for some reason, a while ago, my face broke out like crazy. I tried different skincare products & nothing helped. I basically gave up until my mother called me on the phone one day telling me to use this regimen from Clinique. I was just in that point of "Whatever, I don`t believe it`ll help because I`ve tried everything, so what`s there to lose?"
So I`ve been using this regimen for 2 months. I finished the two of the three products shown on the photos because these were just the mini ones (starter kit.)
The regimen includes:
1. Acne Solutions Cleansing foam
2. Acne Solutions Clarifying lotion (toner)
3. Acne Solutions Clearing moisturizer

Step 1: Acne Solutions Cleansing foam
Active ingredient: 2% salicylic acid
What it does: Treats, clears, and prevents acne. It removes dirt and excess oil. It unclogs pores.
My thoughts: First of all, this foaming cleanser removes all my face makeup (except my eye makeup because I don`t rub this on my eyes obviously. Haha. I still used my eye makeup remover) so I don`t need to use a makeup remover prior to using this. It really does clean my skin & it doesn`t dry my skin out.

Step 2: Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion
Active ingredient: 1.5% salicylic acid
What it does: Exfoliates to clear dead surface cells & reduces excess oil that can lead to breakouts. Unclogs pores. Treats, clears, & prevents acne.
My thoughts: The one shown on the photo is my mini clarifying lotion that I already finished. I purchased a full sized bottle which I`m using right now because I absolutely love this product. This really does remove my extra dead skin. It`s not gritty at all, if that`s what you ladies are thinking. It`s just that extra step of cleaning my skin & removing that extra dirt that my face wash didn`t remove. It doesn`t dry my skin out & I don`t want to use any other toner out there. This is definitely my HG toner.

Step 3: Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer
Active ingredient: Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%
What it does: It treats, clears, and prevents acne by creating an invisible breathable barrier against acne causing agents.
My thoughts: This really does treat & clear my acne. For you who are really susceptible to pain, this medication does sting a little. It also does dry your skin out, so I suggest just using this as a spot treatment instead of an all over moisturizer. I love that it creates a breathable barrier over acne, because your pores need to breathe to allow your skin to heal faster.

Overall: This regimen saved my skin. I am now acne free, but on that time of the month, I still get those occasional pimples. If you decide to start using this, I suggest you choose a time when you are not planning to leave your house or go out so much; like right now since it is summer for most of you ladies. Why? Because like other skincare medications, with this regimen, I had to deal with major peeling. That part is one of the major things that will happen while you`re going through a acne clearing regimen like this. Out of the three, I can`t live without steps 2 & 3(for those occasional break outs.) Step 1 is really great too but I switch up to other facial cleansers since I do have other face cleansers that I need to use up. I feel that as long as I have the Clarifying lotion & Clearing moisturizer, my skin will be fine.

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