Clinique Acne Solutions: 3- Step Kit REVIEW

Hello Luuuxers! :) Sorry for my absence from Luuux. It`s been a while since I`ve posted much of anything, but like I promised, I here`s my review on CLINIQUE`S ACNE SOLUTIONS 3-STEP KIT.

The first step to the ACNE SOLUTIONS KIT is the CLEANSING FOAM. This facial cleanser is so gentle on my skin and for me, does a pretty decent job of removing all of my makeup. I just wear foundation, so I wouldn`t know if it is good at removing mascaras and eyeliners.

The second step to the ACNE SOLUTIONS KIT is the CLARIFYING LOTION. This is more like a toner for the face. I usually use a cotton ball to sweep it across my face. After just a few swipes, I can really see all of the excess makeup that the CLEANSING FOAM wasn`t able to remove come off. Even though it feels really drying on my skin and smells like alcohol, the results are fantastic.

The third step to the ACNE SOLUTIONS KIT is the CLEARING MOISTURIZER. This is the only product in the kit that contains benzoyl peroxide. I know using benzoyl peroxide on my face as I get older can be more harsh than using salicylic acid, but I use it anyway just because I want to see some results with my acne. To me, this step was really drying on my skin, so I used it more as a spot treatment for my acne prone areas such as my forehead and chin. If I had pimples that day, I would put an extra dab of this lotion on that pimple.

As an extra step, to the ACNE SOLUTIONS KIT, I use CLINIQUE`S DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURIZING GEL. Since this whole kit was super drying for my skin at first, I had to replenish the moisture on my face. With just one pump of this DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURIZING GEL, my face felt super refreshed, soft, and smooth.

It`s been about 3 weeks since I`ve started using this kit and I am more than satisfied with it. All of my acne has pretty much disappeared for the most. I haven`t really broken out as much except during those times of the month. I still have a bit of redness and scarring from my past acne, but with time, I`m sure it will fade. I know this ACNE SOLUTIONS KIT may be a bit on the pricey side, but I really think it`s worth the shot and the money. If you are totally unsatisfied, there is a 180 day return policy. I think you should give it about a month before you return it though so you can see the results.

Thank you guys so much for reading!! :)

Let me know if you guys have any questions about the kit and I`ll be more than happy to answer them.

What do you guys normally use to prevent acne?

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