Clinicare Review

4 years ago

I have really damaged hair from colouring it a few times, blow-drying and curling tongs. I`ve never actually used a hair product that worked for my hair, or anything that was true to what the product was said to offer. Everything changed when I started using Clinicare! My friend Jo, recommended it to me as we were just casually talking about hair products. I was a little skeptical at first because I didn`t like the name LOL. It sounded a lot like those 2-in-1 shampoos where they have built in conditioners, and man, those just make my hair screammmm! Pantene has always been good enough for me, washes well and conditions my ends, but then I still get tangles from time to time, especially after I lie down.. Ok, so the Clinicare line I chose was the Hydro-surge Revitalizing one and I got both the shampoo and conditioner. It cost me about AUD10-12 each I think? I can`t remember for sure, but it was definitely about twice more than what I usually pay for a bottle of Pantene! Honestly, I wasn`t expecting much from this at first because, as I`ve mentioned above, no hair product has actually worked for me. I`ve tried Schwarzkopf, to Asience, Dove and while all these worked fine, they never performed anything miraculous. Clinicare is supposedly `Pantene Pro-V Science with salon expertise of Wella`. The shampoo is a little heavy for me, (my scalp can get quite oily at times), but worked into a nice lather and cleansed well. The conditioner surprised me. It was thick, very creamy and worked its way into the ends of my hair and everything just felt so smooth and damage-free! Conditioners usually do that to me, trick me into believing it would work, but once I rinsed it off, everything is washed away and my hair is back to being hay-like. But Clinicare, even when rinsed, there was like this film or layer over my hair ends and when I`ve dried everything off, my hair was like a dream. Trick is to leave a little residue especially on the ends. Super smoothe and tangle-free! Which almost NEVER happens. Okay, it just never happens! I was so amazed by it that I couldn`t stop running my hands through my hair the entire day. Even my boyfriend could tell the difference. Yes, so, Clinicare is a steal, really, because it actually works. I`ve even bought bottles to bring home to my mummy so she can try it out too! Sucks that they don`t have it in Malaysia yet :( pleaseee! Bring it to Malaysia so I don`t have to ship boxes of my new favourite shampoo and conditioner! <3

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