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4 years ago

photos are mine, please do not take.

Hey there luuuxers! I actually havent been on Luuux in forever! Well here is the story. My desktop computer has been currently broken and wont turn on, so it is hard to get computer time when my sister mostly uses the laptop! So i havent been on, but when i use my iPad, and just to check my points, IVE LOST $1000 POINTS! Yes, all from Luuux. Because they said that my posts are "out of the guidelines"......... Well, honestly it wasnt! But anyway, they removed like TONS of posts from me, and i lost about one thousand points, so currently i am still not over that, but hopefully i can gain it all back!

Anyway, well i went to Walmart to grab some things, and i found this in the deodorant section, and i really wanted to get another deodorant stick. The last one i have is this Degree one, which was good, but i wanted a new one.
I really wanted to try a one from the boxes, because apparently the work better for people like me. So honestly, i sweat alot. When i am playing or running in gym class to shopping with a tee-shirt on, the sweat still comes though.
So i really wanted to get a good one to help with that probably, and not show the stains through the shirt.
So i got my first deodarent from the box, and it is by the brand Dove. They actually had a ton of different kinds and scents, but i went with the purple box, aka the VisiblySmooth one, and i love it.
It has a wild rose scent, so my underarms feel and smell so good. It is very pretty and girly scent, which i love.
I tried it on yesterday and the other days this week, and it worked so well. It didnt show any sweat stains on my shirt AT ALL! It kept having this lovely rose scent, which was nice and also worked at the same time.

The anti-perspirant worked amazing, but it was more expensive than the others, it was like $7-8 a box.
The anti-persirant did look different than usual. It was more of a cream, than a stick. You turn the knob at the bottom, and the cream comes out in the holes! It did look weird at first, but honestly this stuff works.

For me, i think i would by this one more often. I love how it smells and it works great for me. Try their other products as well, i love Dove now!

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*photos are mine

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