Climbing Stairs - healthier than you think

5 years ago

Yes, I`m one of those people who is always looking for ways to burn a few extra calories, build my strength, or tone my rear end. Are you like me? You`re on the right place then.
Stair climbing is a great way to get an excellent aerobic workout, no matter where you are or what your fitness level.
You can take the stairs in any building, in your workplace, your house, a parking garage, or your dentist office. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator. You can use them for moderate exercise or a full-fledged, high-energy workout. Its free, easy, and effective.
Stepping up on a stair is great work for the leg and buttock muscles. Stair climbing builds more muscle than running, and is excellent for balance, strength, and elevate the heart rate. You even get a good workout going downstairs, when your quadriceps work hard supporting you.
Using the stairs casually, as an alternative to the elevator, can burn about 640 calories per hour (cal/hr). Doing a stair workout, which can involve running up stairs, taking stairs two at a time, and other strenuous exercises, burns about 950 cal/hr. For comparison, moderate cycling, skiing, swimming and fast walking are all on par with casual stair climbing.
A 15-minute stair climb offers the same workout as 30 minutes of running on flat ground, and with less impact. At work, using the stairs can bring some welcome blood flow after you have been sitting for a while, and can be as effective as coffee to wake you up.

So, what are you doing sitting there? Put on your exercise shoes and go climb some stairs!

(I made some research from different websites before I post this)

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