Cliff Bar in Carrot Cake- A Great Pre-Run Snack!

5 years ago

While I prefer to do my running in the early morning, I often have to do my long runs in the afternoon due to my 8 am classes -_-
Before my run today, I ate a Cliff Bar in the Carrot Cake flavor.
I like Cliff Bars A LOT better than the normal Power Bars that you would find at a sports shop because they taste like real food! Power Bars tend to be really tough and almost rubbery and I feel like I can almost taste the artificial ingredients inside.
The Carrot Cake Cliff Bar was VERY tasty; almost like a cookie! However, I had a hard time finding the carrot flavor in the mix of oats and spices. Really all I could taste was cinnamon, nutmeg and a bunch of sugar before I began to taste carrot. In fact, I think that this flavor might be a bit too sugary compared to the others I have tried.
Besides liking the natural ingredients and the wide variety of flavors, I also like that Cliff Bars sit well in my stomach when I work out. While they are dense, it never feels like you just ate a ton of bricks and decided to go on a run :3 I always eat one before a race and I never get cramps and always have enough energy to push through!
Overall, I liked this flavor, but didn`t LOVE it. I think there was too much sugar in it for me. But for those of you who are looking for a healthy, tasty and flavorful way to start a workout, I recommend it! You can find Cliff Bars at your local grocery stores and they are around $1 a piece.

Nutrition Info:
240 Calories
4.5g Fat
44g Carb.
9g Protein

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