Cliff Bar Black Cherry Almond

5 years ago

I am not a big fan of energy bars or energy drinks, I think most them taste really awful and probably aren`t too good for you unless you`re a very active person. I think if I ran 3-4 miles a day, then it would be justified to eat these, but for a normal person it seems a little too much.

Before our exam, the class before us had a ton of food left after their class party, so they offerred us some. I picked up a Cliff Bar because they seemed to be the one thing that was going the fastest, so I thought I would give a try. I have to say it did not taste as bad as I thought it would. It tastes like a mashed up granola bar because it had little oat chunks, almond slices, and fruit chunks from the cherry. It was sweet and chewy, and not sticky at all, which I liked because most granola bars are a little sticky with the honey or whatever is holding them together.

I don`t have a lot of need for energy bars, so I probably wouldn`t purchase this myself, but if I ever feel ambitious enough to go on some intense exercise/workout routine, then I`ll probably choose the Cliff Bars.

<strong>Do you like energy bars? Have you ever tried Cliff Bars?


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