CLickity Clank Clickity Clank, Its A NEW Kind Of Piggy Bank!!!

5 years ago

Remember the days where you would hear the ice cream truck coming from literally what seemed like it was miles (but really blocks) away.....You would hear that fabulous little song, run to your room, and grab your piggy bank.....Your beautiful little ceramic pink piggy bank full of a stash of change..You would shake it, as you heard the beautiful clanking of the change, and all your eyes would see was dollar signs, or in this case ice cream....You literally would sit there shaking the piggy bank clean, which may even after a few minutes result to you smashing it open...All for a ice cream bar....

After what seems like hours of trying to get that cash to get the ice cream, you run downstairs.....And before you know it the ice cream truck is pulling away, and everyone in the neighborhood is licking up an ice cream cone...But you....Booo woooo Poor you....


Back in the old days of being a kiddie we totally would have wanted that ice cream...However now a days it goes straight to our booty...So I usually save up my cash for a time when I have spent too much on makeup and clothes and need cash quick...And lets be real breaking up a $30 piggy bank, or trying to bust the money out of there really is a pain....

If only you had a fabulous Counting Money Jar!!!!

This fabulous Zilionz jar is perfect for anyone over the age of 5!......It is a cute little plastic jar, which instead of being like a piggy bank, which you have to bust open, it just has a quick twist lid....Which obviously leaves you from purchasing a new piggy bank, and makes it so much easier....

This jar recognizes the value of each coin as you drop them in the slot, and the digital display stills shows your balance as it grows.......It actually Features Balance Guard, which will remember your balance, even when replacing batteries!

This cute little jar, is a great size, has a cute little hot pink lid, and has a old fashion jar look to it.....Its great to know how much you have in there....Easy to just throw the money in there...And you easily will know how much you have, just by the amount appearing on the jar...And thank god, I don`t have to count the money by myself!

I will say I love this idea, I just wish the jar was a little cuter to display, but for now I will hide it :)

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Do you remember the piggy jar days?

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