Clear Up Acne Forever With These Tips

4 years ago

Acne does not only affect the face, but can spread onto the back, shoulder, or butt. It still needs to be treated no matter where it is. The tips provided here will aid in treating acne flare-ups, wherever they may occur.

One of the most effective acne fighters is probably already in your kitchen: garlic. Garlic helps your skin by ridding your body of toxins. This helps new, healthy skin to develop. Eat garlic with dinner or on a bagel to help with acne.

Talking on your cell phone could be causing you acne problems. Constantly pressing your dirty phone to your skin can encourage acne breakouts. Clean your phone gently with an alcohol wipe to remove facial oil buildup. Be sure not to allow the telephone to touch your face as you chat.

Some say that sunlight works as an acne remedy, but this is not always true. The sun actually causes your skin to produce oil, which can cause your acne to worsen. It may also lead to formation of wrinkles; at worst, it can cause skin cancer.

Apply any acne creams to your entire face, not just where there are active blemishes. You do this because there are always hidden acne spots you cannot see which would eventually show up. Make sure you apply this to the forehead area as well.

To fight acne, make sure you`re washing your linens frequently. These items can all harbor bacteria when dirty, and bacteria is a primary cause of clogged pores and breakouts. Wearing the same outfit for extended periods of time will make way for bacteria to grow, which in turn causes acne.

A diet that contains fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains will help your body get rid of acne. You can keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Try to get about 10 minutes of sun per day.

Honey is a wonderful home remedy for acne. Apply a little bit of honey mixed with cinnamon to your face, leave it there for about five to ten minutes, and then rinse. Your skin will be smoother and you will have removed excess oils and waste from your pores.

Minimize skin irritations that can lead to acne breakouts. Especially when your hands and fingers aren`t clean, do your best not to touch your face. A dirty pillowcase can irritate your face, so change yours out regularly.

Wrap an ice cube in a small towel and place it on a spot for about 20 minutes. Ice is great for reducing redness and swelling. It can also numb any pain you may be having in that area. Ice is a safe and natural substitute for topical anti-inflammatory products that may contain harsh chemicals that could exacerbate the problems.

If you deal with facial acne on a regular basis, you might want to consider buying featherless or hypo-allergenic pillows. Feather pillows can be irritating. Using one may worsen your acne symptoms. Don`t put your hands on your face while you are asleep because this can also cause pimples.

As previously discussed, acne can pop up anywhere, it is not limited to your face. Your dermatologist may prescribe a topical cream for severe or chronic acne. With continuous treatment, acne fades away and your skin will fully recover.

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