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4 years ago

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I love this contact care system. It was recommended by my doctor and I`ve been using it religiously for six months, now. I used to use Complete contact solution and my lenses were getting cloudy and uncomfortable within a week or two of wear, so I had to figure something else out. Clear Care has peroxide in it and a special case. Your lenses have to soak for at least 6 hours so that the peroxide can fully clean them and so it has time to neutralize. Take it from me, DO NOT take them out early, DO NOT rinse with the Clear Care solution and put them back in your eyes, OR touch your eyes with the solution on your fingers!! It will sting like none other. I`ve done all three of the above and my eyes were killing me because they were stinging so bad. I never did it on purpose, of course, but things happen. I`m near-sighted with ok vision without my contacts or glasses, yet I still grabbed the wrong bottle. Since I leave both solutions mentioned above in my bathroom in case I need to just rinse my lenses for any reason.

Yet, my contacts last longer, they don`t tear as easy, they are more comfortable and I owe it all to this solution. Plus, the case is pretty cool. The top screws off of the base and the lenses holder is attached to that. There are two sides; both are labeled for right or left, and the cover to them is on a hinge so it opens and closes for easy use.

For use with this system, I advise that you take out both of your lenses at the same time, then fill the bottom piece to the fill line, rub one lense at a time gently with some solution in your palm, and lastly, close both sides and screw the top down firmly. Be careful not to mix the lenses up or put them in the wrong side. I just love this new system! If you don`t use the 30 day lenses, then there`s no use in having this system but it works otherwise. I have used the 30 day lenses since I started wearing contacts at 15 years of age and didn`t see any sense in switching to dailies. They cost more and I`m all about conserving. "Dont fix what isn`t broken", right? :)

What contact lense care solution do you use?

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