Cleaning Your Microfiber Sofa!

3 years ago

So we`ve decided to buy a microfiber sofa, we`ve had it for maybe three months. We just didn`t realize how any tiny amount of liquid would leave an ugly ring (watermark) and how hard it would be to get rid of those nasty lines and rings all over our new sofa. We tried different cleaning solutions, they only made our problem worse. We googled and found that alcohol works for some people too but of course, not for us.
THIS is what worked for us!
What we did;
We grabbed a tub of baby wipes (you`ll need a lot) and cleaned each cushion but in small sections, then we took our hair dryer and dried each section completely before moving on and cleaning the next section. While we dried the wet sections that we had just cleaned with the wipes, we rubbed a *white* sponge back and forth. Make sure you use a white sponge or wash cloth, a colored one may stain your sofa.
You can see how the second cushion in the first photo looks way better than the first cushion that we haven`t cleaned yet and it`s not even finished yet!
I hope this post can help someone else with the same problem!

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