Cleaning Sterling Silver

4 years ago

I`ve always known that silver tarnishes, but for some reason I thought the silver from Tiffany`s would be special and not tarnish. Nope, it tarnishes just like any other silver. There are many ways to clean your silver. You can buy those fancy kits or those polish cloths, but why spend extra money when you can use something you already have?

Toothpaste is the magic tool. In the picture you can see that the earring on the left is much cleaner and shiny and more silver compared to the one on the left. You can really tell the difference from the backings. All you have to do is take your silver piece, get some toothpaste, and rub it all over. Don`t forget to get into the small crevices. Let it sit for five minutes and then rinse. If you feel like its still a bit tarnished, don`t worry, just repeat.

I`ve actually tried the silver polish cloths and I prefer the toothpaste method. The reason is because the cloth actually scratches the jewelry. I have a pair of return to Tiffany heart tag earrings and after using the cloth, the earring is basically covered in scratches. I`m sure if you had the special polishing liquid stuff, it will take away or minimize the scratches, but I was pretty bummed. I think the cloth would be good for necklaces, like the chain part. I`ve also tried the baking soda and hot water and tin foil thing. It works very slowly, and needs a lot of repeats, and it`s kinda dangerous, especially with the boiling water.

What are some ways you guys polish your silver?

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