Cleaning Out My Makeup!

3 years ago

I have really been into downsizing lately and that means tackling my makeup collection. Today was the perfect day to sort through things since I took most of my makeup home from my college apartment today. What you see in the picture is a large portion of what I own. It used to be even bigger a couple weeks ago before I went through and threw out a bunch of things. This time I did a more thorough "cleanse."

I used to be all about collecting makeup. I wanted every eyeshadow color, all the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils when they were the rage, every NARS blush, Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio, Victoria`s Secret lipgloss, MAC lipstick, all the Happy Booster blushes, everything. You name it, I probably had it. But I`ve really been realizing that it is such a waste. Don`t get me wrong - I love using and wearing makeup. But owning a lot is just dumb. I found that I tend to use the same liquid eyeliner because I preferred it. So why did I own 10 kinds? Why own a bazillion eyeshadow palettes when I continually went back to the same ones? Why have every single VS lipgloss when I know it takes me forever to use up even one? I`ve realized that, while a collection may seem cool, it really just takes up a lot of unnecessary space.

I went through this portion of my collection today and was honest with myself about what I used and didn`t. I kept everything that was unopened (like the EOS lipbalms and mascaras, because I do use those up) and all my higher end makeup, but I sorted everything by type and color and got rid of duplicates and "extras" that were just unnecessary. Looking at it all, I realized how much money I had poured into everything. Sure, I did get a lot of free stuff through coupons and sales, but the point is I still spent money on a lot of it. I was honest with myself about things I got rid of makeup that I knew I haven`t really used and probably won`t. It feels good to see the pile diminish :)

Letting go of things like this is healthy. The less you own, the less you have to worry about. I`m very into owning less and minimizing what I do have. You feel less stressed :) And it`s less makeup and whatnot that you have to worry about storing haha. I definitely plan on doing this every couple months!

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