Cleaning Makeup Brushes

5 years ago

Hey everyone!
So today I want to discuss all about cleaning makeup brushes!
Honestly, I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to clean your makeup brushes! Infact, it may be the cause of acne on your face!

I deep clean my brushes every week using regular shampoo and water.


So take the dirty makeup brush and hold it by the handle. Hold it as if you`d apply any blush or foundation or eyeshadow. Except hold it so that the bristles are facing down. Under running tap water, soak ONLY and Only the hairs of the brush. Also NEVER tilt your brush upwards becuase the water on the hair can leak into the barrel and loosen up the glue that keeps all the hairs together. We don`t want strands of hair sticking to your face as you apply your makeup. After you have soaked you brush, take some shampoo in your palm, and stroke your brush back and forth to create a nice lather. Then simply wash out the shampoo and let them dry siting on its side!

You can purchase spot cleaners in spray bottles from MAC and Elf but I recomend the elf spot cleaner because not only is it the fraction of the mac`s cleansers price but in my opinion, it works much better. I feel like the MAC cleanser dried out my brushes from the alcohol... not sure but I recomend deep cleaning your brushes every week and spot cleaning every other day.

Why is cleaning your makeup brushes important?

Well, for obvious reasons.... you use your makeup brushes daily and apply powder that gets leftover on the hairs of your brushes... yes this leads to dirt and the oil from your face. Think about it... your taking the same brush you used last week and applying the dust, dirt and oil back onto your face...

so its true that acne and breakouts could be becuase you dont clean your makeup brushes!

Your brushes may not look clean, espicially if they have black hairs, however you will see all the colors of eyeshadow and beauty powder come off when you use the deep cleaning recipe.

Do it for your skin!

If your too lazy or simply don`t want to clean your brushes, try using your hands for makeup but of course clean hands :) Tons of videos about that on Youtube, check them out!

So those were all the information and tips :)
Thanks for reading and HAPPY LUUUXING!~~ ^^

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