Clean Stubborn Wax Residue Out of Candle Holder

This was my Lavender Vanilla candle from Bath & Body Works.
To be honest, it smelled fresh and clean in the store, but when the candle was burning, the smell of lavender was too strong for me and I got so sick of it. So I burned it until all the wax became liquid. I quickly poured it into a container to throw it away, before the liquid could solidify. I should have cleaned out the inside promptly afterwards, but instead I left it on the kitchen counter and the waxy inside hardened. 2nd foto: Here it is with flash.
From experience, I knew it`d be difficult to chisel it away, because it`s holding onto the insides of the jar quite firmly. After doing some research, I decided to
1. put the damn thing in the freezer. That made the waxy coating chip and crack under the cold temperature. I`m not sure how long you need to do this. I`m assuming it all just depends on how much wax you have left in your container and how much surface area is covered with unwanted wax. I just left it in the freezer overnight and tackled it the following...afternoon, I think...
2. chip away the wax.Then I took the nail file that I only use as a knife-like tool and began to chisel away.
It works! Even the wicks holding onto the bottom of the jar could be easily chipped away!
Just be careful with sharp objects, especially when it`s a colored jar, like this one. It`s not noticeable, but when I hold it up in the light, I can see that I chipped away some of the colored coating on the inside.
3. clean the inside I used my trusty Kirkland Moist Flushable Wipes and just wiped away. For extra cleanliness, I used some rubbing alcohol, or Isopropyl Alcohol as it states in the photo to really break down any leftover waxy residue. Plus, the high alcohol content makes all the moisture dry very quickly. I also noticed that when I was wiping it down, there were some dark stains inside the jar that must have been from burning the wick. So make sure to get rid of any scorch marks before you store anything that you don`t want to get dirty.
4. clean the outside The rubbing alcohol also helped me take away the residue of the sticker on the bottom. It sucked up that stickiness like it was nothing!
The sticker on the front of the jar peels right off, no problem. I just wiped down the outside of the jar anyway to make sure everything was all clean and...
Voila! An empty container to use as you wish

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