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4 years ago

The other day I posted a picture of my make up brushes after I cleaned them on my Instagram. I`m pretty sure everybody should be aware of what Instagram if you`re not its an app that is available for any apple products with a touch screen and to android smart phones. You post pictures of things you like and basically anything you want (well g rated at least). You can interact with friends and look at other peoples` pictures. You like other peoples` photos and it`s just so much fun! Well back to my brushes I cleaned them the other day and usually I`m so lazy to clean them so it really is a chore to me. Brushes should be cleaned every two weeks to avoid bacteria build up. Dirty brushes are a big reason why people make get sudden break outs so make sure they`re clean! So there is two types of cleaning, a deep cleaning and a spot cleaning. I did a deep cleaning to my brushes but I usually spot clean everyday. Now, the difference between the two is that when you deep clean you`re washing all the bristles and deeper ends of the brush where as, spot cleaning would be just spraying brush cleaner after usage and cleaning the tips of the brush. To clean my brushes I simply use hot water and Johnson Johnson`s baby shampoo. I`ve tried the whole vinegar and hot water and that was horrible. It didn`t clean anything and left my brushes smelling like vinegar. YUCK! How do you guys clean your brushes? I hope you found some of my tips helpful. Oh yeah and if you`re not already following me on INSTAGRAM! Follow me, Pameezyb! ;) I would love to see your pictures!

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