Clean amp Clear Mattifying Moisturizer

5 years ago

The Clean & Clear`s new mattifying moisturizer not only helps control shine for the whole day, but also contains SPF 15. Many of you know sunblock is crucial for blocking unhealthy rays that may damage your skin and spark premature wrinkles and spots. This product is ideal for the spring and summer months, especially for those who get very oily skin because it controls shine extremely well as it`s an oil-absorbing face lotion. For me, it controls shine for the entire day with only one application after my morning routine. But then again, I don`t have severe oily skin so I can`t speak for those who have very oily skin. Although it`s a moisturizer, I find it to not be that moisturizing. I have combination skin so my face tend to get a little oily later in the day but I also have dry patches at the same time. If you have really dry skin instead of oily, this product wouldn`t be a good choice. In the morning, it accentuates my dry patches and doesn`t feel hydrating. It kind of feels like it tightens my skin instead, most likely because it`s absorbing all the oil even when my face isn`t oily yet. Therefore it strips away those natural helpful oils that my skin secretes to keep my face hydrated. For people that suffer from oily skin, this product will help a lot because it will take away the excess oil that are piling on top of your skin.

I usually apply this first and then follow up with a thin layer of a more hydrating lotion to heal my dry patches. Then, later in the day when my face gets a tad oily, this product helps control the shine completely. It really helps keep your face matte looking and is also a great product to use before makeup if oiliness tends to ruin your foundation.

If you`re someone who suffers from oily skin especially now during that the weather`s getting warmer, I do strongly recommend this. However, if you`re someone who has combination skin or more towards dry skin, this moisturizer is not one that is hydrating enough. It may in fact feel like it makes you skin even less hydrated because it really absorbs all of the oil from your face. You can still use it for the SPF function or if you tend to get a little oily as the day goes on (like me). Clean & Clear also has a matching mattifying cleanser which is a face wash for those who might want an extra boost to controlling oil.

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