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5 years ago

Hey lovies. So I´m going to do a review on something I know a lot of us deal with it. Hello Acne! I actually understand how much it SUCKS. I sometimos get acne on my fore-head thanks to my side bangs.. & ohgod. Don´t even get me started on the acne I get from my period. If you´re like me, you legit have tried everything. & sometimes it works, but then like a week later your acne comes back. Well lucky for me, & the people reading this. I have actually found some creams that work.(:
They actually get rid of acne really quick, (under a week!) & the acne pretty much never comes back. (unless you stop using the cream!) Well actually, after a few months you can stop using it & your acne still wont come back It takes an average of a month to get rid of acne! Just fyii.
I got the Clean & Clear Advantage acne control system.
Which includes the cleanser, moisturizer &zit zapper.
I currently have the two bottles next to me, but I have the zit zapper in some other room in my house. I literally have no freakin´ idea where I lost it.
Which sucks, so I un-fortunatley cannot fill you in on all it´s glory.
But I can write about the Cleanser & Moisturizer.
I.Clean & Clear advantage acne control cleanser:
a. It´s a benzoyl peroxide acne medication.
b. It quickly clears & helps prevent breakouts.
c. It keeps fighting breakouts long after you wash.
So all you have to do with the cream is wash your face with warm water, & gently masage the cream into your face for 20-30 seconds, (but keep your eyes closed, it sort of stings when around your eyes). & Rinse it off. Next you put on the Moisturizer.
II. Clean & Clear advantage acne control moisturizer.
a. Salicylic Acid Acne Medication.
b. It helps treta & prevent acne.
c. It makes your skin really soft smooth. (& it really relaxes your face, like it´s calming..)
& there is this really small cream & you put a little bito n your zit & over night the zit is pretty much gone. (: It works ah-mazing. I would pretty much drop dead without that cream. Haha. So yeahh, I would reccomend this cream to anyone really looking for a way to permanetly get rid of acne. You can find this cream pretty much anywhere, I see them sold in drug stores, like walgreens & other stores. But I got mine at Sephora.
So yeah, I hope this helped some people(: I rate this product 10 out of 10 stars.
Comment below with any acne tips, if you´d like.
xx anna

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