Clarus makeup remover wipes review

4 years ago

I`m not sure whether i like it or not. Its smell is okay. But the amazing thing is it does not smell of chemicals like most remover wipes do. my mom gave it to me. she `introduced` this product to me. she had never tried it so i was her guinea pig. it was okay at first as it removes most of my daily makeup. i do not use or have waterproof makeup so i don`t know if it works on that. i needed to apply a little bit of pressure to remove most of my makeup. it would sometimes leave red marks on my face. i am not fond of using this on my eyes. the first time i used it on my eyes, it stung really badly. i experimented a little. it does not sting as much if you pull it to the side of your eyes towards the temples compared to pulling it downwards towards your lashes when removing eye makeup. i would not recommend this to people with sensitive skin as it is a little harsh on the skin. so this is the end of my review. this is my first time so don`t judge me. please add and follow me. i hope you found this useful. picture from google. clarus have it in cucumber too.

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