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3 years ago

I`m about 3 months in to my daily Clarisonic Mia 2 usage. I read a plethora of reviews, watched some review videos, and finally decided to give it a shot at the beginning of this year. One of the reasons I wanted to try the Clarisonic is because my skin was perpetually breaking out. I have combination skin, dry in parts and oily in other parts. I can deal with dryness, but I am sick of dealing with breakouts!
In the past, I tried Proactiv, generic brand proactiv, Neutrogena`s 3-step acne cleansing package, "plain" Neutragena cleansers, Ponds cleansers, and some other products that I can`t even remember at this point. Needless to say, I`ve tried a lot. And while everyones skin responds differently to products, mine did not respond well to any of the products mentioned above.
I received a sample of Purity by Philosophy in my July Birchbox. I immediately fell in love because it was gentle enough for my skin. I felt like my makeup was being cleaned off, but it wasn`t stripping my skin to much. So I stuck with Philosophy products and bought a moisturizer--which I also love. I have a few other Philosophy products, like On a Clear Day and Microdelivery exfoliator, and a slew of other products that I talk about here.
What I wanted, though, was a deeper clean. And to continue to fight blemishes that would show up.

Enter: Clarisonic Mia 2.

I chose the Mia 2 for two reasons: 1. It was the only one they had at Ulta at the time and 2. It came with a sample size of Purity, my cleanser. The difference between the Mia and the Mia 2 is the speed settings. The Mia has one, the Mia 2 has, well, two.

I was so excited to try it when I got home but it needed to charge for 24 hours. So, I waited a day. In the meantime, I researched the 90 day Money Back Guarentee and Ulta`s return policy. I wanted to be able to return this if it didn`t work for me.

The first time I used it, I was impressed. It wasn`t a harsh brushing motion, but I felt like it was firm enough to really clean my skin. I followed the "beep alerts" that tell you when to move on to a new part of your face.

I used it morning and night with my Purity cleanser for about a month or so. Once a week I would use my Microdelivery exfoliator for a deeper exfoliation. I was still seeing some break outs, and I noticed my skin felt a little dry.

I then began to use it only once a day (in the morning) and finally felt like my skin evened out. I may have been over-doing it in the beginning. . .but I had to learn somehow!

The first noticeable result was the smoothness of my face. I mean, it`s incredible. I couldn`t stop touching it!

The second noticeable result was the way my makeup applied. My liquid foundation went on smoother, and my makeup seemed fresher.

The third result, which wasn`t noticeable to the eye, was that my facial products were penetrating deeper. I could tell my skin was cleaner. I could feel that the cream I would apply to my face would sink in a little deeper.

While these three great things were happening, one thing wasn`t: my breakouts were not going away entirely. I noticed they became less frequent, but I would still experience a blemish at least once a week.

So I changed my product routine. I used to slather Hope In a Jar for Dry Skin all over my skin at night. It felt wonderful, but I am now learning it may have been too heavy for all over. I also added Clear as Day by Philosophy, into the mix. I would apply that to my problem breakout areas, and apply Hope in a Jar to my dry spots.

And the frequency of blemishes went down significantly.

So while the Clarisonic was, and is, completely helpful with cleaning and exfoliating my skin, it did not completely clear my skin of breakouts. I didn`t expect it to, either. I`ve found that it, combined with the right products for your skin needs, is a great combination for excellent skincare.

I`m going to continue to use my Clarisonic because I love it. It`s become a routine, and I really feel like I`m treating my skin well by cleansing in completely. And now that I have the right blending of products, I`m really happy with my skin.

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