Clarasonic MIA 2: the route to flawless skin

3 years ago

Hello everybody! :)

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about my recent splurge item. I ahve been hearing a lot of hype about the Clarasonic MIA 2 cleansing system but was it really worth the hype? Of course-me being the person I am HAVE to try it out and see what all the rave is about--and I AM ADDICTED!

Now spending $150 (Sephora) on a face cleansing brush that vibrates is a bit much. I mean our hands can clean our faces just fine right? Wrong. The Clarasonic cleans up to 6 times MORE than you can clean with your hands. I personally tested this theory out. I washed my face like I used to every night and went back and used the Clarasonic to see is any residue from my foundation/concealer etc. was left after my amazing face massage just given. Lets just say that the amount of product that came out on that brush--I had no idea it was even there!!!!

After the first use I started to see that hey this is pretty good but we always like something new we get. I continued to use it for a few weeks and I kept getting compliments on how amazing my skin looked!! My skin has become brighter, smoother, clearer, and healthier BECAUSE of the Clarasonic. It`s gotten to the point where I can`t even sleep at night or start my day without using it. I promisr you will see a difference in a matter of days if not right away! Not to mention the battery life is AMAZING! Each session is a minute. The Clarasonic lasts up to 30 min. So depending on your usage you don`t have to charge it for about a month at a time!

Just take that risk and leap of faith and invest in this product that will change your life and I am very certain that you too, will fall in love with it--if not, Sephora`s return policy is incredible!

What do you think of The Clarasonic?

Disclaimer-I am in no way affiliated with Clarasonic. I bought it myself and absolutely love it! I always rave about it! Its essential to my skincare routine-these are simply just my thoughts on it.

My Clarasonic Purchase:
Store: Sephora
Product: Clarasonic MIA 2
Color: Bluemoon
Price: $150
Items included:
-Clarasonic MIA 2
-Sensitive Brush Head
-Clarasonic Brightening Face Wash
-2 year warranty
-Travel Case

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