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5 years ago

I rarely dye my hair, but my mom does it often because you has gray hair. Shes like 46 years old and I think its a combination between genetics and stress. I`m always helping her touch up her roots. A coworker recommended a hair dye that foams up, so we picked this up at Rite Aid for around $8. It was kinda a last minute thing, so I didn`t bother to read it but its for tones and highlights. But we ended up using it anyways.
It comes with several things like: instructions, gloves, the 2 liquid solutions, a pump, and a packet of conditioner.
Its really easy to use
1. Brush/comb out your hair. get rid of all the knots. Wear an old shirt so that it doesnt stain your clothes. Put on gloves.
2. The developer is already in the bigger bottle, so all you have to do is pour tiny bottle of colorant inside. Shake the bottle a few times, it mixes easily.
3. Uncap it and replace it with the pump. Squeeze the middle of the bottle and foam will come out. You can do this either on your hand or directly on your head and just evenly mix it as if you were washing your hair.
4 When you`re done, you`re most likely gonna get some dye around you face, ears, and neck area, so get a warm cloth and just rub it off. The longer its on your face, the harder it will be to get it off later.
5. Leave it in your hair for 25 minutes, an extra 10 mins if you have gray hair. And when you`re done just rinse it off if water and then the conditioner provided.

Pros: easy to set up and apply. the color lasts a long time. it covers up grays, even tho its for highlights
Cons: the SMELL! hair dyes in general are always strong and disgusting, but this one just tops it. I can usually bear horrible scents, but this one is just really hard to go through.

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