City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri!

I was watching WongFuProducts weekend vlogs and they were at <strong>City Museum</strong> and OMG the museum looked super cool (dangerous in a way too). But too bad it`s in St. Louis, Missouri because I won`t be there any time soon or even ever? This museum is like a huge playground for children and adults, you climb in and out of spirals, caves, and so forth. There are airplanes, slides, bouncing balls, history for those who want to learn about history and according to Wikipedia Level 3 is haunted, eek!

Either way, you should watch the video- it seems like a lot of fun and admission is less than $12 (depending on day/age) not bad for a fun day at a museum. What kind of museum allows you to crawl OUTSIDE the museum, this one does but I would be scared that the metal wire would break since there are so many people crawling at once. The museum is hands on rather than reading the wall. I would so go to one of these if they had one in California!

<strong>Do you watch WongFuProductions? If you live in St. Louis have you visited this museum before? Was it a lot of fun? </strong>

701 N 15th St
Saint Louis, MO 63103
(314) 231-2489


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