Circle Lens Review: Geo Bambi `Sesame Grey`

5 years ago

(These are my own photos!)

Hey Luuuxers! Just recently was when I actually needed to get myself a pair of contact lenses. It was my sister`s wedding and I did not want to be wearing glasses as a bridesmaid. However, I`ve been wanting circle lens for ages now! And now, I finally have them. Not to mention, I actually have two pairs.

So if you were wondering, circle lens is perfectly safe. Same rules to regular contact lenses apply. It is the matter of fact of how often you wear and how well you take care of them. They do last a year. I do not recommend these for everyday use. They are a one size fit all... They will not fit exactly to the curvature of everyone`s eyes, therefore will not be safe to use EVERYDAY. But for the most part, they`re safe. If that makes sense?

These are of the "Tsubaka series", they come in other colors like: Brown, Green. You can get them at sites like honeycolor or pinkyparadise. They range from $20-$25. Very nice deal considering they last for quite a while! They do come in prescription and for well for my own vision. I`m a -4.00 :(. Anywho! The comfort is definitely comfortable. I`d say 4/5 for my first pair and first experience with contacts!

These particular lens are very large in diameter. And I mean large by 15mm. It`s very large compared to the other lens.

Anywho, overall... I LOVE THESE! They make a huge difference in your eyes. They`re not exactly the most `natural` but I do love them on nights and special occasions!

What do you guys think?
Do you have circle lens?
Would you get them?

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