Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

4 years ago

I picked up a tube of cinnamon sugar pretzels at the market a couple weeks ago and decided two Saturdays ago that I was going to go ahead and make them. It was a really simple process, all you had to do was open the container, unroll the dough (it was rolled up like a cinnamon roll in a container that the Grands biscuits come in you know the one that scares you to death when it pops when it bursts open??), tie the dough ends and cross over one another and arrange on a tray to look like a twisty pretzel. You do this five times for the five pretzels that are in the container. The first three came out well, but my last 2 were smaller because I just wasnt getting the hankering of twisting them down. I guess I would never last as a worker at Auntie Anns Pretzels. Once in the pan you then sprinkle with a cinnamon mixture so theyre all evenly coated. I then baked them according to the package, but I should have known to go a little lighter on the cook-time since my oven is brand new; it (meaning my oven) cooks a LOT faster than expected. They started going a little too golden when the buzzer rang at 11 minutes. The directions stated cook 15-18.

The pretzels have to cool and when cool to the touch, you drizzle with some frosting that is provided in the can. I drizzled it evenly over the five pretzels and it stays somewhat soft, but getting completely hard afterward. But I will say these were pretty good, they werent overly sweet, but they had a good taste and texture to them. The texture was a cross between a chewy pretzel and a softer dessert. Would I buy them again? Probably, but they are a limited edition item at this particular store meaning when theyre gone, they may not get them back again.

Do you like dessert pretzels?

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