Cinnamon Milk

5 years ago

This is something I have been drinking in the evenings recently. We`ve all heard of warm milk being good to help with sleep. Well, did you know cinnamon also helps relax you and get you settled for a restful night? The combo is like a power pairing to really get you ready for sleep.

I know the idea of warm milk sounds gross, but this is flavored and it is actually VERY good. Trust me! Try it if you don`t believe me.

All I do is fill a (microwave safe) mug with milk and heat it up. I do it in 30 second intervals. I stir it up after every 30 seconds. I keep putting it in until it is piping hot. Then, I squirt in 1-2 tablespoons of pure honey and throw in 1 small cinnamon stick. Then I put a teacup plate over the mug and let it sit there for several minutes. This lets the flavors of the honey and the cinnamon really mix in with the milk.

After that, remove the plate from the top, stir it up and enjoy. It is extremely relaxing and it really does help me get to sleep faster and go to bed feeling more calm.

I enjoyed a cup of this this evening, too. It has been a very chaotic day with bad weather all day long, then being hit with a tornado warning in the evening, followed up with a random bad bloody nose out of the blue. ...that and a few other things made for a stressful day and necessary for me to get calmed down this evening. This helped!


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