Cincinnati Bengals Manicure

4 years ago

WHO DEY! Okay, so I`m not really the biggest football (or any sport) fan. However, my husband loves sports and is a die hard Bengals Fan. He firmly believe in rooting for your hometown. I have to agree. Well, training camp has started for the NFL and this past weekend we made a trip downtown to the stadium for their scrimmage and such. The boys were very excited to go. This was the first year they stayed in the city to do their training/practicing. They`re normally over the river in Kentucky. Of course I had to jazz myself up in full-on Bengals tshirt, hat, and nails. We all did....minus the nails for the boys, hahahaha! I was going to just do tiger stripes on all of my nails but my husband chimed in and said It would be awesome if you did the B logo. Well, baby, I think I can make that happen. :-) It really should have been flatter at the top and bottom of the B (which, ironically worked out on my right hand...painted with my non dominant!) but over all I think turned out pretty good. I started by painting all of my nails with an orange polish to all fingers,except the middle. The middle fingers got a white base. Then I free-handed the B in orange polish and later went in with a black to paint in the stripes. For all of the other fingers I sponged on some white, orange, and a tangerine color and then stamped on the tiger stripes. Last year at some point (I think in the fall) I did a tiger print and free handed the stripes but since I had the stamp I figured why not? Finally, all of the nails got a coat of Seche Vite. Sorry I have included more photos than is normal for me but I couldn`t decide which images I liked best so I just included them all. x-D My nails were a hit at the stadium, too. I had one person sitting near us ask me who I went to to have my nails done. Myself! x-D The day as a whole was a lot of fun, too. We even ended up getting to sit in the roped off area intended only for friends and family of the players. My brother in law saw one of his friends there who knows several of the players. So, we ended up very close and getting signatures on a white football for my son. Good day, good day. :-)
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