Churros and Dipping Chocolate :)

5 years ago

I love Churros so wanted to share my recipe with you guys :)

For the Churros you will need:
125g of plain flour
1teaspoon or baking powder
1 table spoon caster sugar
15ml of olive oil
250 ml of recently boiled water

1. Mix flour, sugar baking powder and oil in a bowl, the bit by bit add the water making sure to get all dry areas into the mix.
2. once a dough has formed line a piping bag with a littl olive oil so it doesnt stick and put the dough in.
3. Heat up Frying oil ( at least 500ml) in a pot.
4. Sqeeze lengths in and snip with scissors to cut dough into pieces. then wait until golden brown and remove from oil.

In a small container mix
50g of caster sugar with 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon add more to taste and mix well. sprinkle over a plate and roll hot churro into this.
If you dont like cinnamon then just use sugar.

For chocolate dipping sauce take your favourite chocolate and heat in a bowl over boiling water and add milk. once melted transfer milky chocolate to a small bowl and serve.

I made mine with my younger sister so excuse all the funny shapes. Use a piping bag and a zig zag nozzle for a professional look.

Hope you enjoy them as much as i did, and let me know how they come out i`ve changed the recipe over the years to get it how i like. so try it your way or with a twist and dont forget to tell me

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