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Hey there, so talking more detailed about my whole blogging, I`ve got a goal of making at least five posts a day, so I will have some themed ones. Originally I`m thinking of doing a heath&beauty series of posts, a me singing series, a star news series, a random series and a food series which would talk about recepies.
So today is my first recepie and it is.... *drumroll* ......
Churos!!! I love those things, they are amazing!!!!!!!!! So for those of you darlings, who don`t know what churos are, they are long deep fried pieces of dough that taste a little bit like donuts, but are crispy. I LOVE CHUROS! They`re realy fatty, but once in a while I think you can allow yourself to eat some just because you`re awesome like that! :)
So to the recepie:
1c water
1/2c butter
1/4t salt
1c standard flour
3 eggs
1/4c sugar
1/4t cinnamon

Bring some water, margarine and saltto the boil in a pot/sause pan. Stir the flour in slowly while mixing with a large spoon. Stir vigorously ( :D ) on low heat for about one minute until the mix is the same consistency and starts hardening to form a type of soft dough ball. Remove the pot from heat. Break the eggs into a bowl and start beating them with a fork or a mixer piece to smooth texture and slowly stir into the doughy mix that you just took off the heat. Mix well to the same consistency.
Put some oil in a pot or a sausepan and bring to the boil.
Place the doughy mix into a piping bag that has a star shaped nozzle. Squeeze 4inch (to be precise) strips of dough into the boiling oil. Hold them in the oil until they`re brown (very quickly so keep an eye on them) take out and drain on paper towels or wax paper, so that nothing sicks to them. Take them whilw still a little oily and roll in brown cinamon sugar or anything you want to. You can eat and serve them with any type of sweet sauce like a berry coolie or a chocolate melt. Enjoy!
P. S. The recipie was taken from the link below, but modified very well to fit people who are not very aesy at understanding cooking language and shortening steps. Hope it was easy enough to make, thank you so much!!!
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