Chronicle: A Review

5 years ago

i just saw this movie tonight and OHHHHHHH MY GOODNESS can i just say it was breathtaking?!

i`ll admit that when i first saw the previews, i wasn`t all that intrigued. i`m really glad i ended up looking at some reviews and deciding to see it though!

i really don`t want to ruin the movie for anyone who hasn`t seen it because i highly recommend it, but i will say that there are some pretty sick effects in this movie. BUT what was awesome was that they weren`t used in the wrong ways - they didn`t waste any of it and they really used what they needed to use when they needed it. sometimes, that`s a problem with movies. you get a little overboard with special effects and it becomes unbelievable.

i also found the plot to be very gripping. it has that whole loser high school kid storyline but it`s not like a lot of others. there`s complexity to the characters and to the plot and that`s really refreshing! i mean i found myself very shocked several times just because i was emotionally vested in the main character, andrew. (if you watch it, there`s a scene where he does something to a spider... HOLY CRAP.)

ALSO, loved how the movie was filmed. it`ll bug some people because the style is like that of a home movie shot with a camcorder - often shaky and cuts on and off. the characters control the camera with their mind and use it to record the things that they do. anyways, andrew doesn`t need to have it in his hands because he`s using telekinesis to hold it where he wants it, so that`s how they achieved that effect. quite nifty, i thought!

i`ve had friends that didn`t quite like this movie, but i agree with the critics - this one`s a winner! it`s shocking and disturbing and funny at a few points and it`s just quality movie. i`d highly recommend checking it out while it`s in theaters. the sound effects totally make it all the more better!

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