Chromebook Pixel (from Google) - A Thousand Dollar Browser?

4 years ago

A couple of days ago Google unveiled another Chromebook. The Chromebook Pixel is what Google is calling it. The main selling point of Pixel will be its 12.85 inch 2560 x 1700 (3:2 aspect ratio) ultra-high resolution touch screen. The Gorilla Glass screen on the pixel will perhaps be the highest resolution laptop screen in the world when released having already surpassed the Retina Display on the Macbook Pro. The Pixel will have a Intel Core i5 processor (with Intel HD 4000 graphics) and 4GB of RAM. Interestingly the Pixel is only set to offer 32GB and 64GB models? Which would be fine considering you don`t have much data to store or you rely heavily on the cloud. The people at Google think the Pixel is going to be a rival to the Macbook Pro, but many as well as myself would beg to differ. Pixel is clearly better! Psych! Only thing impressive on the Pixel is its screen but honestly not many of us are going to notice the difference between the Pixel`s screen and the Macbook`s Retina Display. Other than the screen Mac offers the same processors the Pixel does and offers a lot more storage compared to the Pixel! Lastly the Pixel run Chrome OS vs Mac`s OS X, I mean c`mon. I don`t care how great the screen is or how amazing the specs are I know for sure I am not paying Google`s asking price of $1,299 for Chrome OS. Yeah that`s right $1,299 for a Chromebook! Pretty much a thousand dollar browser! Anyways here are my opinions I want to hear what you tech fans think about the new Google Chromebook Pixel.
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