Christmas Presents

4 years ago

This is what I got for Christmas... I labelled them by number so you guys know exactly what they are. I don`t get as much presents as I did when I was younger, naturally. I got a lot of money, that`s for sure. But anyways, here it goes:

1) Red shirt: My mom got me this shirt from Macy`s. It`s pretty nice and there is lace detailing (which isn`t the actual material, but printed on the shirt).

2) Donald cup: My aunt got me this cup. I think it`s a pretty adorable gift... who doesn`t like mugs, especially in the winter when a nice, big cup of cocoa or tea would be perfect... Now that you think about it, yum ^_^

3) Earmuffs: I have been wearing headwraps a lot lately, so my mom probably knew I would like these. They are so cute and warm!

4) Candle: My cousin got me this candle. It`s tree scented, you would think it`d be a weird scent, but it`s like fresh nature.

5) Bluetooth: My dad got me this. Funny story, my dad had already bought me this but I didn`t know. He asked me if I needed a bluetooth and I said no, I never said I needed one. I was curious why he kept asking me, so I asked him why... did he buy me one? And he goes really fast, no. I just wanted to know. Lol, I don`t really need one but I am sure I will in the future. It`s a very useful gift.

6) Starbucks giftcard: My uncle and aunt got me this giftcard, even though I am not a big coffee drinker, but a nice cup of green tea latte here and there is certainly nice. That`s my favorite!

7) Coach wallet: I was not expecting this wallet from my dad, I picked it out cause we were shopping for my mom at the Coach outlet and my dad asked me and my sister if we wanted anything because it was 40% off! I don`t like my parents buying me stuff cause I feel really uncomfortable, but my spoiled sister kept pushing me to get something cause if I didn`t, she wouldn`t be able to get anything either. So, I got this wallet and not going to lie, I was eyeing this wallet for quite some time. So, in the end, I am super happy. It was only $50 from $80 from $200.

8) Pj pants: My mom loves PJs, so not surprised that she got me these. They are so comfortable and warm, seriously. From Joe Boxer. They are ankle pants and thin, but super nice.


Lol, it`s not much, but I don`t really care for presents anymore. The meaning of Christmas has changed for me over the years, so I`m just happy I am here alive and with my family.


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