Christmas goal - UNICEF

4 years ago

I have recently again started bloging on luuux and doing lots of activities to earn luuux$. I wanted some gadgets or LV bag, but..
Somehow I figured out I have to change my mind set and do something better, so I looked up on luuux shop give section and there it is - you can donate to UNICEF!
The thing about UNICEF is that I have wanted to be part of this organization from age 3 or 4 (as long as I can remember). I have allways hoped that UNICEF would contact me to be part on their projects. (Still hoping, UNICEF??)
The main thing is to take care of the children, because they are the future. If we mess up our children then the Earth will be messed up place.
So I have decided to donate all my luuux$ to UNICEF on Christmas day and my goal is to hit 10`000 luuux$.
My another goal is to post more interesting and better posts (not just to earn$ but also to entertain you guys).
So 2 years ago I started this blog with posting qoutes, I will do it more and I will try to update you with things whats are happening and interesting around me to intruduce you with my country! :)


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