Christmas Gift Idea: The `Universal` Gift!

3 years ago

Ever had those thoughts of if I get this for him what will I get for her? And you want to get something is fair for everyone.
Well, I was on Yahoo! and this article had gadgets that are built to last. And out of the list, I find this bad boy, pretty universal.
It said its a `toolbox` but for me it can also be a `makeuptraincase`
Can you see where Im going with this now?
If you were planning on giving a family gift, this is perfect. If the husband has so many tool boxes or doesn`t need another one, it can be used for just more than that. The wife can use to for make up or nail polishes. Or hold some memories. I mean this is a universal gift.
If you can think outside of the box for what something is use for, then the gift is worth more than anything.
But of course, no one will understand why this, but later on people will use to for something else.

I mean perfect gift for any one right? Kids too!

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