Christmas Gift Idea: For the `Comic` Guy!

3 years ago

Honestly, if I had a boyfriend, I would give him this as a gift. If he is or not a comic boy, I personally think this wallet is cute.

I know there is that one friend, guy or girl, who loves comics, maybe low-key. They probably know about Comic Con and yeah. My cousin told me about Comic con years ago and asked me if I wanted to go. But he didn`t go and I didn`t know where it was.
But besides that, being girls deciding what gifts we want to go our significant others can be a challenge. Some its easy, some know what their significant other wants, and others just wants to surprise them. My ex was difficult... but anyways, if I could just be creative and get him something that I think is cool and he would appreciate it I would be golden.
But besides that point! `its the thought that counts` I have posted other Christmas gift ideas and I keep pushing that quote because it should be reactions when they open the gift thats amazing for the gifter. I know my ex was happy with the stuff I got him past years because he asked for them. But other than that I love watching reactions when opening gifts. When that person gets mad and says `I have this already!!` or the confused face `what is this?` Those are priceless to me. Being around white elephant exchange games from my families made me appreciate the the reactions. My cousins can be crazy and gag gift each other with is funny for all of us.

But anyways, this wallet is perfect if you can`t think of a gift for a significant other. Christmas can be the year that `its time to change your wallet babe` season lol.


What do you think of this as a gift?

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