Christmas Decor: Light Up Christmas Tree!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Omg, it has been far too long but I`m glad to say that its finally winter break for me!! That`s like literally the biggest reason to celebrate because I was starting to forget the feeling of having nothing to do lol. I`m glad that I`ll be able to be back and running on this website because I sure as heck have missed it xD

So I wanted to start by just posting this pic of decor that I have for the warm and fuzzy holiday season lol. I mean I`m not gonna like spam post or anything like that to catch up since I don`t have much to catch up on buut yup, this is just my first post in forever! This is a teeny mini light up Christmas tree that my mom bought this year. She was talking about how setting up and taking down our Christmas tree took way too long soo we got this! LOL its the easiest thing ever. You kinda just plug it into a wall and turn on the switch and then it lights up!

My mom got this from Costco for around $25, I believe which is pretty much the price I expected for something like this. I think its super cute since its like a white tree and the lights <3 They look super pretty at night and we really just kept it simple with house decor this year! Its just this tree and the little nutcracker set in front of the chimney for decoration :)

So that`s about it! Glad to be back here and I will talk to you all more later :D

<strong>Have you decorated your house for Christmas/ holidays this year? </strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine, please do not take*</cite>
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