Christmas Cake Pops!

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Hi Luuuxers,

This was made during the Christmas that just passed. I made cake pops for my coworkers! If you have tried making cake pops before, you`ll know that it is very time consuming to make! I don`t make these often, only special occasions. But they are a lot of fun to decorate for sure! And quite messy too lol =P

So first you gotta bake the cake, I did these in Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla and Chocolate Cake. You can make your cake from sratch or store bought ones when your on a time crunch! I made mine from store bought Cake Mix. So after I baked the cakes, I add about spoonful of frosting. You don`t want to add too much frosting as it`ll get too sticky to roll into balls later on. With my bare hands I mix the frosting into the cake. I use my hands so that I can feel how crumbly the cake and frosting combo is together. Once I get the desired texture I`m feeling with the batter, I take an ice cream scooper to scoop out the cake batter to roll them into little balls with my hands. You can use a measuring spoon too if you like, as long as you use the same utensil throughout the whole process because you want all your cake balls to be the same size.

Next I melt some colored chocolates in a little dish, so that I can dip the ends of the cake pop or lollipop stick into the chocolate then into the cake pop ball so that they stick together. Once I have about a dozen or so of them done and placed on a plate, I put them in the freezer so that the ball and stick are sticking together solidly. You can leave them overnight to continue making them the next day if you don`t have time. I do that sometimes or you can leave them in for about 15-30 mins should be fine and ready to go.

I then would set up my decorations, as you will be decorating them fast as it dries after you dip them in your desired melted chocolate colors. So it will get messy! I usually put down those big black garbage bags on my table to do the decorations that way when I`m done and ready to clean, I just grab the bag from the inside, turn the side that has all the garbage inside inwards so now you have the garbage inside the bag ( I hope that makes sense lol). So after I set up the decorations, I melt the colored chocolates in a long or narrow cup. It`s eaiser to dip the ball in it rather than a shorter, smaller cup i find. Or sometimes I melt my chocolates in a big bowl so that I have room to twirl the ball into the chocolate and coating it evenly. Once you start dipping the balls into the chocolates you want to twirl it to have the chocolates covering the ball evenly and gets rid of the chocolates from dripping down the stick. You`ll see what I mean by that once your doing it. So after I quickly dip and twirl the chocolates evenly, I start decorating the cake pop fast! AS it dries fast and once it`s dry you can`t put any decorations on it.

And that`s it! You can eat these just the way they are or if your making these as gifts or party favors you can bag them into nice lil baggies and be creative! These ones here I bought these lil christmas bags from dollarama. Perfect size for cake pops. I also got christmas colored ribbons to tie at the ends of the baggies. I then placed them into Christmas sandwich kinda bags with the Christmas cards. Seems easy to make right?! Yes it is actually, just very time consuming lol so be prepared!

Thanks for reading, hope you`ll try making these! Let me know if you do try, I`d be happy to read your post about them!

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