Christmas 2011 Favorite Gifts

Another year has gone by and I am none the wiser. I think I say that every year.
I was blessed this past holiday, not just because of gifts. Sometimes I think I could care less about receiving gifts, because I`m perfectly happy to buy things for myself any day, but it`s the thought that counts and who doesn`t like presents?
A couple of weeks ago, I received a package at work, and I saw that it came from my cousin. I was so excited, that I went to go sit by myself in the lobby and open it as soon as I could. When I first peeked into the bubble-wrap padded envelope, I was so excited by the Chanel packaging. I don`t own anything by Chanel, whatsoever, and probably never will in my whole life. This was what was inside...A lovely, tiny, little, deep, plum, wine-colored cardholder, which I`ve already been using.
After I opened it, I wrapped it back up back in its packaging, I still have that ribbon on the box tucked away in my closet. The cardholder I put in my handbag for work, and its actually very practical and handy for everyday uses, if a luxury item can even be that....practical.

The lovely boyfriend gave me this Amrita Singh Dune necklace in amethyst. I picked it out myself, haha. I know that sounds kind of...greedy? I don`t know, whatever, who cares? I had wanted the necklace for so long and I had missed the flash sales on Hautelook and the more recent Amrita Singh flash sales do not have this necklace.
The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale or whatever it was, had 50% off, and I think there might have been free shipping included. It was still kind of expensive to me, since I only buy pretty cheap accessories for myself, so I just asked the boyfriend if he could please get it for me and make it my birthday gift. (I actually told him I did not want to exchange Christmas gifts.) He so kindly agreed and a several days later, this necklace is now mine!
I guess I quite like purple now, but navy blue has always been my favorite color. I guess I am partial to any deep, dark, gem tones that have black undertones to them. Anyways, that`s probably why I chose the Amethyst over the turquoise. It was just too bright for me, maybe. Also, I`m kind of irked about the turquoise one being on Hautelook a couple of days ago for only $35.00, grr...

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