Christina Aguilera is FAT

5 years ago

It`s no secret that Christina Aguilera has been packing on the pounds. You see it in all the pictures and it has been making headlines. This former pop star needs to get back on that treadmill because her fat is disgusting! <strong>I kid</strong>. I honestly do not see anything wrong with Christina`s figure, but that doesn`t mean <em>Fashion Polic</em> star Kelly Osbourne feels the same way.

Osborne, under the notion that she used to be fat and has every right to do so, has called the former pop star and current <em>The Voice</em> judge <strong>FAT!</strong> Don`t expect an apology from Osbourne any time soon. As a former fat person, she has the right to call someone else out on their weight, right? <strong>SO WRONG!</STRONG>

Sure, there has been drama between the two for years. Sure, Christina was in the wrong for having called Osbourne fat for years. But come on. You two are grown a** women. Act like it! Just because Osbourne is an "FPP (Former Fat Person)", as she calls it, it does not give her the right to bully others for their weight. After all, if you have been bullied for so many years you should be cutting other people slack.

I find Kelly Osbourne to be a very distasteful person. I remember when Kate Middleton first came into the spotlight for recycling outfits, Osbourne was first to attack her for doing so. Hello, we are in a recession. Just because your daddy made all the money to afford expensive clothes for you, it doesn`t mean everyone feels the same way about tossing out an expensive outfit after one wear.

Kelly Osbourne, please grow up.

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