Chris Brown Selling His House for $1.9M!?

3 years ago

Since I don`t want to read for my class tomorrow, I decided to browse around houses. Why I do this? I still don`t know, just for fun, lol.

But anyways, since I was browsing on Trulia I came across this picture (above) and I remember watching some video on Chris Brown working on his spray painting work before. And when I came across this, I was like...hold on is he selling his house or is this someone else`s? I did a quick google search, and on Yahoo, the one time I didn`t check what was going on...showed his house of sale!

I was blown out of my mind because I didn`t know this and I found this on some estate site. And I wonder why, of course I didn`t read the article but I think its because he went to rehab or his neighbors.

But moving on, I want to share some things I like about the house:
-I like his spray paint art, it shows his house being his home
-the living space of where his art is, its the perfect area to hang out with friends and family
-i love the kitchen size and location of where it is
-the pool outside has a nice layout and scene, a projector too lol
-at night the house has a nice lighting
-the feeling of privacy as well is nice.
-fireplace outside, can have your own personal bonfire with friends
-other than the pool there is a backyard and balconies galore

This house a different layout than other house I have seen which is more livable and spacious and has privacy.

chrisbrown house millions
design art graffiti

What are your thoughts on his house?

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