Chopstick Straws?!

3 years ago

When it comes to eating noodles, the utensils I use would be a pair of chopsticks and a soup spoon. But sometimes it`s a hassle to use both utensils at once. That is why a cool `invention` or concept design has been created by Julian Lechner. This neat invention created is called `Soup Sticks.`

This product was created for `improving the eating experience by allowing solids and liquids to be easily consumed with a single implement.` I am guessing that the solids are eaten by the actual use of the chopsticks, while the liquids are consumed by sucking through the hollow chopsticks like a straw. Why didn`t I think of that; hollow chopsticks = soup stick?!

I think this is a pretty cool product that I would actually invest in. It`s two utensils in one, which means efficient and convenient to use and carry. This product is not on the market yet, but if companies are interested in investing in this concept, production of these products would begin. I hope this goes in production! :)

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