Choochoo Puzzles!

4 years ago

Hey guys, sorry for not blogging for a while. I guess I gave up on the site, but I am still trying now. Anyway, this blog is about a puzzle game that I usually go on every few days. Its called Choochoo puzzles, I know, it has a ridiculous name. But don`t let that fool you, I mean, its a very (VERY) challenging game! I like the fact that when you scroll over buttons in the menu, they glow, because it seems very futuristic and gives a good impression on the game. These little things could transform a game`s reputation.

As you can see from picture 3, this is a clicking game, with no arrow buttons available. What you have to do is get the certain coloured `trains` into the certain coloured zones, for example, in picture 3, you have to get the red `train` into the red zone, but you can not overlap to `trains`. So you will have to move the green `train` out of the way in order to proceed to the next step. Also, you are not allowed to take sharp turnings, which adds the challenging element into the game. Also, your `trains` can push another if they are right behind it, just like real trains. I can hardly get past level 3 on this game! I suggest you try this game out, you can find this on Enjoy!

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