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4 years ago

Im sure most of you have heard of Simple since it has made it onto the shelves in the states. Its supposedly the no.1 skincare in the UK but to be honest a cave woman like me hasnt been noticing the skincare products that much that I can judge whether I think its true.

I dont use a lot from the brand, Ive not tried much from them either but Im currently trying out their moisturiser which I need to get myself into the routine of using it consistently before I do a review on it. Im very close to finishing my bottle of eye makeup remover and have already repurchased so I thought its time for a small review.

Doesnt irritate my eyes There has been many times where Ive soaked the pad and accidently leaked a drop or two into my eye but Ive not experienced no reaction from it.
Easily available in the UK here the brand can be found in any local drugstore and supermarkets.
Fair price with more recognition over the years the price has increased along with inflation. Its not as cheap as it used to be but its not too expensive either, around £3-4
Very light, no oil it feels a little like wiping away your eye makeup with water
Scentless Good for those who are sensitive to perfumes
Cap has a small hole, reduces spilling or using too much of the product

This remover claims to remove waterproof makeup also but I actually havent tested it out on this part so I cannot say. Though Ive read one or two review where theyve said it doesnt work on waterproof. I guess its not so effective since it doesnt have oil which is good for breaking down the waterproof formula

Needs a bit of rubbing The instructions state that you should wipe around the area without rubbing well I think theres a small need for a little gentle rub to remove everything. Unless you have the patience to keep your pad over your eye so the remover soaks in and you can just wipe away.

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