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I gave a shot and they have stolen my heart and my wallet. I seriously love chocolate and this is some good chocolate! I submitted an order in time for Valentines Day and my boyfriend had been telling me we need to submit another order soon. He devoured his candy bar and I slowly ate mine over a few days (moderation!). When Chocomize hit 10K followers on Facebook, they offered up a 30% off coupon code for customers, which was valid for 3 days. I decided to go ahead and order 3 of their premade lucky bars. I received a Lucky bar for myself in my first order and it was fabulous! So I figured Id give it another shot. The key with I Feel Lucky Bars is you have NO say in what you are receiving. You just receive whatever bar Chocomize had made and sent you. What I will say though, is you usually only get milk or dark chocolate lucky bars. I e-mailed them and requested I not receive dark chocolate since I really dont care for dark. Theyre super nice and have no qualms giving you what you like (I LOVE white, so I requested that). Their chocolate reminds me of Cadbury chocolate its really good quality chocolate so I will say its worth the money. My boyfriend and I have tried each of the bars we received and I would say that the one with the Oreo pieces is the best hands down, followed by the one with Kit Kat on it. White chocolate is one of my favorite chocolates ever, but the sour patch kids is kind of weird. Anyway! Heres what I picked up:
I Feel Lucky Bar combinations: - White chocolate with sour patch kids
Retail Value: $4.70 - Milk chocolate with Oreo pieces, peanut butter drops, and toffee pieces
Retail Value: $6.50 - Milk chocolate with Kit Kat pieces, butter scotch drops, toffee pieces, and vanilla granola
Retail Value: $7.25 So there you have it, my Chocomize haul!
QUESTIONS: Have you tried out Chocomize for yourself? What would your ideal candy bar consist of? Images are mine dont take or use. Thank you.

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