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I went ahead and created an order on after seeing Stephanie Hs post. I also did a few Google searches and watching of Chocomize haul unboxing to see what people were getting. Yeah, Im a little crazy and researched this because I wanted to see what people thought of the chocolate. Nothing is worst than paying a decent amount of money for chocolate, taking one bite and being like, this taste like crap! Now that I got that across, let me say I LOVE chocolate, so anything that allows me to customize my own chocolate bar? Yeah, Im ALL over that!
So, let me explain how works! When you go on their website, you can choose to purchase premade Favorites chocolate bars, the infamous I Feel Lucky Bar which is Chocomizes choice as to what you get, or you can go ahead and create your own. If you go forward with creating your own, you choose your base chocolate ($4.50) and you have a choice between dark, milk or white. Then you have the chance to add any toppings you want ranging from nuts & seeds, fruits, candy, decorations, herbs & spices and miscellaneous items (like chips, pretzels, cookies, bacon, cereal, etc.). Each topping comes with its own price tag and you have the ability to add up to 5 toppings on each bar. Knowing I wanted to do this, I nonchalantly asked my boyfriend if he could put a few items on some chocolate what he would like, at first he wasnt entirely sure, so I started naming off some items I had seen on the website and he quickly shot back with macadamia nuts, sea salt and mini marshmallows. So I knew his chocolate bar was created in my mind. I know he likes milk chocolate the best and will eat dark chocolate if its the only thing left, but primarily hes a milk kind of guy. I knew Id be too indecisive to pick exactly what I would want on mine, because if I did, Id go overboard and end up with a $15 piece of chocolate covered in STUFF. I decided to go ahead and make a bar for my mother to give to her for Valentines day. The great thing that I LOVED about this all was that, not only can you customize how you want your chocolate to be, but if you are creating your own candy bar you create your own chocolate bar names! So you can get as creative, humorous, etc., as you wish.
So heres what I picked up!: For my boyfriend (he HATES cheese, so this was me being funny):
Because I Love You Cheese Is Not An Ingredient In This ;) Base chocolate: Milk Toppings: Sea salt, macadamia nuts and mini marshmallows For my mother (yes, I was being a little smartassed LOL but she did get a kick out of it):
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut Sometimes You Dont! Base chocolate: Milk Toppings: Potato chips and walnuts For myself:
I Feel Lucky Bar Base chocolate: White Toppings: M&Ms, Cookie Dough Pieces, Almonds, Toffee pieces
If I created this bar on my own it would have been $7.70! I paid $3.95 for this! And the great part? Chocomize works with their customers, if you e-mail them and let them know there is a particular chocolate you just HATE they wont include it in your order. I e-mailed them and let them know Im not a terrible fan of dark chocolate, so they told me theyd make sure I didnt get it. I got white which is my favorite chocolate!
The final verdict? Chocomize has FABULOUS chocolate! The milk chocolate and white chocolate melt right in your mouth. Its very smooth and creamy and really reminds me of Cadbury chocolate. My boyfriend had a hard time NOT eating anymore of his bar, my mother said it was very good and I hands down love it. I see myself placing another order for some I Feel Lucky Bars in the near future . One thing I would suggest is adding sea salt to your chocolate, it really compliments the chocolate in a great way. Since I forgot to mention this earlier, shipping is a flat $4.95 in the US and I believe $10 for those in Canada. But the thing I really like about Chocomize? They guarantee their chocolates in transit. If your chocolate arrives broken or melted, you contact them and they`ll either send you a new bar or credit you back in whatever method you paid for your purchase in. That`s superior service if you ask me! For that alone, I don`t mind paying the shipping fee. Also if you plan on placing an order, check online for coupon codes. I found one and used it on my first order.
Have you ever ordered anything from Chocomize? If you were able to customize your own chocolate bar what would you include on it? Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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