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Hello everyone. I haven`t posted anything in a long while!! Well anyways, I received my Chocomize chocolates this last thursday!!! My sister in law Stephanie had posted a haul on Chocomize and I thought that it would be a good Valentine treat for my boyfriend and my mom `cause they both love chocolate! I only customized my boyfriends chocolate and I got two I feel lucky bars. On his bar I added butter toasted peanuts, reeses pieces, toffee, and white chocolate chips on a milk chocolate bar. It looks so freakin` good I hope he likes it!! The two I feel lucky bars I got one with candy corn and pop rocks on a dark chocolate bar that was kind of weird, but it tasted really good! The other one was just M & M`s on a milk choclate bar. I gave that one to my mom because it was normal. We already ate our bars over the weekend and I would recommend that website to everyone!! The prices on the bar are fairly good it just depends on what you add on to your bar and you can even name them! Well that`s it about chocolate I can`t wait until I give my boyfriend his so I can eat it!! :-))

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