Chocolate Time! + Giveaway :-)

So easter is coming soon , and my local store looks like that right now * see pic * :-) just look at all the chocolate ,
this is one of the few day of the year that i will allow myself to really DIG IN! i usually get a big easter egg and i eat it the whole day in my pj`s , ohh.. i love it!
I Dont know what kind of egg`s you have but the ones we have here are pure chocolate filled with even more chocolate & other candy`s :) I was really intressed in knowing what you`ll have..? Since i looove it , i really wanted to give someone else a chance to have some 2 .. so i wanted to give you guys a few eggs , im going to give out a big one and then a 2 smaller ones , so 3 people will have some awsome chocolate eggs this easter.. if you want them all you gotta do is friend me on luuux and write a comment i`ll then contact the winners on monday morning:) everything will be shipped out on monday since i wanted to get them to you before easter. Here`s a little info on the easter eggs, enjoy *lol*
While Iceland isn`t renowned for being a chocolate-loving country, a visitor concluded it is a mainstay of the culture and had never seen so many "people over 12" eat so much candy. Eating a chocolate bar at 9 a.m. was culturally acceptable, "intellectuals offer bowls of candy as an appetizer before dinner", and Nói Síríus produces 300,000 chocolate easter eggs in a nation of 290,000 people.[6] The Easter Eggs are made at the company`s Reykjavík plant, and a note with a saying is put into each egg.[7]

Icelandic liqueurs bearing the Tópas and Ópal name have also been introduced, achieving some acclaim, with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino`s description of them as "the worst drink on earth" after an evening imbibing them.[1]

The company also made news for a controversial marketing campaign and promotion stunt that had people join a Labor Day demonstration with signs labeled with Nói-Síríus-produced Tópas candy while shouting advertising slogans.[8]
if you want to read more ;
and also check this out to see how good they look * - *,623,products.tpl


Share your toughts , Hugs & happy easter :)

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