Chocolate Snack

5 years ago

I was feeling like having some chocolate and since i had 2 left in a box from Christmas i figured i should just finish them and put the box in the garbage.
The 2 left were this black chocolate and the white one and i have to say one was really good and the other one not so much. Can you guess?! lol

They both look good and with a very nice shape and design, but the important thing is actually the flavor.
Well, the black chocolate was bad =/ it was dark chocolate outside, which is nice but the inside was filled with something that had a strange flavor, i think it had some kind of drink because it was a strong flavor. It wasn`t that great.
The heart white chocolate, now that was pure white chocolate. Its white chocolate outside with white chocolate filling. It was very sweet, unlike the other one, and enjoyable.
And with this 2 i finished that box of chocolate and luckily i didn`t got a lot of chocolates this year, at least i don`t eat them =D

<strong>Do you prefer dark chocolate or white chocolate or other kind? Do you still have chocolate from Christmas?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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