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4 years ago

It is believed that as a child all the boys want to be superheroes, sellers of ice cream, well, or at least the astronauts. But if even after many years of flight to the stars and other planets are only a mirage, and not hanging in the closet costume captain of a ship, let a space can be another way. This will contribute to Japanese confectionery company L`eclat and its new Planetary Chocolate - a box of chocolates in the original form of the eight planets in our solar system.

Little colored balls, remarkably similar to the three-dimensional model of the planets gift, packaged in a long box with a star print that no one had any doubt that it is in front of him. You open the box, and inside - the smell of space, which is a mixture of flavors that are assigned to each of the eight planets. Of course, every chocolate planet has not only an individual smell, but with its own special flavor.

Mercury edible leaves in the language of a thick flavor ganache (a mixture of cream and chocolate) with refreshing notes of lemon, mango, coconut, and Venus is tender and sweet, covered with a thin layer of whipped white chocolate with lemon flavor. Taste of Mars - a refreshing orange ganache combined with fragrant citrus praline, Jupiter leaves a bitter-sweet taste of chocolate with milk and aromatic Tahitian vanilla ganache Saturn rum soaked raisins and covered with dark chocolate and sweet ball Uranus - bitter tea and milk glaze chocolate. Taste of Neptune - tart coffee, whipped cream and spicy cinnamon, and our own Earth is ganache with excellent taste of dark chocolate, which gradually passes into the milk, and on the surface of the chocolate balls can recognize the shape of the continents. Each sweet planet rests in a single cell, but to know for sure how much of the solar system now go into the mouth, each cell is appropriately labeled.

Chocolate world and sold individually, but if you order the whole series, the kit will also include a simulation of the sun made from Criollo, gourmet chocolate and pineapple. But there is an edible version of the moon, history is silent. By the way, is a set of relatively inexpensive, only $ 50.

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